Hi! 👋🏼 My name’s Laura, I got married on the 29th February 2020 (guess who picked that date 🙄😂), I live in Hampshire with my husband and our fur baby Reggie 🐶
I enjoyed planning our wedding so much, that I would love the opportunity to help other brides achieve their journeys up the aisle 👰🏽🥂💒💫

I used to work in hospitality and worked my way up to catering manager at a local racecourse, so I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes of a fair few weddings!
My favourite (so far, and not even a wedding!) was a lavish engagement party hosted at the racecourse. Normally the event organisers hired the bare bones of the room and brought in their own staff and chefs, but on this occasion, they wanted the best waiters and waitresses from the racecourse itself for this event and I was one of the chosen ones!

I have also organised two corporate Christmas parties, one with a circus theme and another with a 1920s theme, for around 200 guests based in Surrey and London respectively.
Unfortunately, coronavirus has put a halt to the planning of the third corporate Christmas party this year, which was looking at another 200 guests in Surrey.