Finding the venue

Finding the venue

Now that your budget has been set, you can move onto the fun bits – finding your dream venue!

Having chatted through with your partner about how your day will look, hopefully you will now know what type of ceremony you will be having. Are you going for a religious ceremony? Or will your venue need to be licensed for civil ceremonies?

Location is also something to consider when picking a venue. Does it need to be close to your ceremony, if you’re getting married in a church? Or, are you happy for guests to travel to the reception or will you be putting on transport for the guests between the two locations? Overall, how much do you want your guests to travel to your big day, particularly if you don’t live near them, or would you like to get married abroad? Key questions to think about when choosing a wedding location!

Another way to filter venues, is to consider your numbers and therefore budget. Do not go and view venues which are way out of your budget, as it will be heartbreaking if you fall in love with it and then can’t afford it! However, ways to work around this could be to enquire about a different day of the week or season to get married as Saturdays in the summer months are more likely to be expensive. The more people you want to invite will also eat into your budget and require a bigger room at the venue, so have a rough idea of numbers when searching.

The style of venue will also come into play when trying to find your dream venue. Where do you envisage yourself getting married? A grand hotel or country house? Maybe rustic is your vibe and you’d prefer a barn? If you want to get married in the summer, how about a marquee or tipi wedding? Or how about the ultimate fairytale and getting married in a castle?

Finally, and maybe most importantly, is availability – does the venue you like the look of have availability for the date(s) you have in mind for your big day? If they’re fully booked, is it even worth visiting? Some venues may have waiting lists so that’s something to consider, should a cancellation come up.

Don’t forget, your venue should reflect you as a couple, you need to both love it and envision your big day being held there. Yes, there will be practicalities to consider but do think about the way you feel as you drive up the driveway, or take that first step through the door – as your guests are likely to also get that feeling and it’ll be a lot more exciting on the day itself too!

Another note to make is, a lot of venues will hold your date for you for up to 2 weeks without taking any deposit/payment. So take that time to check with your vicar/registrar that they can also make the date, and time, that you’d like for your ceremony!

Enjoy your wedding planning and don’t forget, it’s all about you two!


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